"A rosé wine made in Spain by two women winemakers – one Irish and one Spanish – is set to make a big impact on the Irish wine scene this summer. The first vintage of Rós, a low-intervention wine, fermented with wild yeasts, will go on sale at branches of O'Briens, nationwide, early next week."

Marie Claire Digby - Irish Times 



Rós At A Glance 

Alicia & Lynne / Navarra / Native Garnacha / Hand Farmed / Hand Picked / Wild Ferment / Concrete Tanks / Force of Nature / Artisanal / Vegan. 

 Rós - The Name 

The name was chosen by my son Edward and translates from Gaelic into rose. We felt this was the perfect name for the wine which we planned to be a delicate, natural and graceful expression of the precious Garnacha black grape jewels. 

The Story 

Rós, is my first personal wine making project and is a collaboration with my long time friend Alicia Eyaralar winemaker and owner of Bodegas Tandem in Navarra, Spain. Both devoted Garnacha fans, I approached Alicia and asked her to help me make Rós. We brought different ideas to the wine making and in the end Rós has benefited from our joint experience, intuition, patience and the odd risk.

The Grapes

Our native Garnacha grapes are grown in the Yerri Valley, Navarra. Close to the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean, the valley is characterised by cooling winds. The sustainable farming approach of the two hectare vineyard is artisanal in nature and the low yielding vines, some bush, are tended by hand. 2018 saw an extended growing season of long slow ripening - we made only one tank of wine. 

The Philosophy

Following an artisanal approach in the winery, the delicate pale colour was achieved by limited juice contact with the skins. I love the fact that Alicia works as naturally as possible, so we took a long and nerve wracking journey and fermented with native vineyard yeasts. Working without technology, we relied on gravity movement and natural settling which took time but allowed for the gentle handling we wanted. 

The Design

Building on the Celtic name and a nod to my Scottish roots, I wanted to create a label with a Charles Rennie Mackintosh / Arts and Crafts vibe. Edward, a student at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, came to the rescue again and designed the roses. The final steps saw these creative threads expertly and empathetically pulled together by the the talented graphic designer Elizabeth Foley.  




Rós is versatile and food friendly


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