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Deux Chevaux Day 1

If you are reading this then I am delighted to welcome you to my new website. The site will focus on my wine musings, wine views, wine news, wine trips & my own wine images.

Sancerre, Loire Valley, France - 2017.

Since this is the first blog, I thought it apt to share my memories of my first wine job. Initially, this was driving around hotels and restaurants on the west coast of Scotland trying to persuade them to buy Beaujolais Nouveau from the back of my Citroen 2 CV.

It was not trying to sell Beaujolais that made this hard going, but the 2 CV. Supplied by my company, beautiful and fun as it was, it was not the most reliable when it came to frosty mornings or damp afternoons. On into the winter and post the Beaujolais Nouveau season, it was not long before I was looking for an "indoor" job in the wine trade.

What had got me into the 2 CV in the first instance had followed my first wine lightening bolt moment. It hit me in my early twenties whilst living with an Italian family in Tuscany.

Tuscany in March was still pretty cold and dark weather wise. But, after dinner one night, sitting beside the fire, one of my Italian friends produced a half bottle of wine which he called his local meditation wine. It was the most incredible wine I had ever tasted; luscious, concentrated, textural and both nectar like and dry.

This was the first written wine note I ever took. I followed up afterwards to discover this "local meditation wine" was in fact Avignonesi Vin Santo - one of the most iconic wine styles in the world from one of its top producers - I was hooked and there began my wine journey in earnest.

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