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Whats Going To Fly 2019?

As we head into 2019, I am thinking about the wine trends we might see this year. Important to me in my job as a wine buyer, but it is also interesting to consider how our tastes are changing, here are my wine predictions for 2019.

Ballon Ride Over Napa Valley, California, US - 2018

I believe that Prosecco will remain popular but we will continue to experiment will dryer sparkling wine styles including Cava and Champagne. These dryer styles are more food friendly and there are numerous options to explore from multiple wine regions. Thinking ahead to spring and summer and rose wines, pale Provencal style rose wines will continue to grow in popularity regardless of the weather ! - it's a highly versatile wine style that matches superbly with food & of course look beautiful.

For white wines, the current trend for trying some adventurous off the beaten track grape varieties will continue. Wines made from from grapes other than Sauvignon Blanc (ABS - anything but Sauvignon) will be in demand and Chardonnay (CBA - Chardonnay back again), Albarino, Godello, Riesling & Gruner Veltliner will continue to lead the way.

Red wines made from Malbec will stay in fashion, whilst Argentina will remain at the forefront, Chile, France and Spain will become more important. Look out also for the trend in lighter reds from regions such as the Beaujolais and the Veneto. Also seek out Pinot Noir from the cooler climate growing regions of the Leyda Valley Chile or Marlborough New Zealand for example. Lighter reds work extremely well lightly chilled.

There will continue to be a growing demand for organic as we take an ever increasing interest in the provenance of what we put into our bodies, vegan and no-sulphite added wines are also becoming more widely available.

Finally Eastern European wines will continue to offer an interesting alternative to the classic wine growing regions with good value, high quality & indigenous grape varieties on offer.

Check back in twelve months and we can see what was hot and what was not in 2019 !

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